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Mighty Ducks Claims' Journal

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17th October 2005

lithiumcupcake1:30am: Dude.

I'm done with this community. It's done. Finished.

Current Mood: discontent

9th July 2005

qtshorty162511:16pm: I was wondering if I could claim Read more...Collapse )

I know that's a lot of requests, but I wasn't all sure who had requested what yet (I mean, I checked out the official list, but I don't know who has yet to be added who requested before me).

P.S. I may have a slight obsession with the movies...

Edit|| I cut down the list from 16 to 6. Tell me if that's still too much.
Current Mood: curious

1st July 2005

dazed851:35pm: I have already claimed Fulton's #44, but can I also claim :

Fulton and Charlie moments.

[Decided to edit]

11th June 2005

lady_took3:56am: ANNOUNCEMENT
I still want to be a member of this community. But I changed my account. It is just to let you all know I might known as scruffehluvr now. I wish to keep the claims I asked for in the reply below. Thank you.
Current Mood: jubilant

29th May 2005

lady_took11:10am: GREETINGS
Five Claims By A NewbieCollapse )
Current Mood: sleepy

25th May 2005

funkymonkey_19:01am: Pimping new communities

well, i stared a base comminty calledducks_bases. its for all your base needs and its devoted to  making base from the Mighty Ducks movies.</span>

spazzychick96 started an icon challenge comminty called md_stillness. please go join them. </span>

Current Mood: cheerful

7th May 2005

splendiferous4:27pm: new round of pimpage
Hey. Well, spazzychick96 and I created ducks_fiction back in February, a Ducks fanfiction archive (hosted on LJ) that is an alternative to the Pit of Evil. We're completely dedicated to promoting 'good fics' --meaning that we don't permit Mary Sues, poor grammar, or netspeak. It's a moderated community, so we read over each story and anything that has netspeak or a Mary Sue is rejected. Please join, as it's brand new and we need new members! :) If this is against the rules, just tell me and I'll delete it.

[crossposted around]
Current Mood: okay
mirax8012:49pm: Hey, newbie here! This rocks! I didn't know ya'll existed!

Anyways, loved hockey since I was young (which baffled my parents to no end) and so when these movies came out, I was estactic! And I just happened to be living in SoCal when the "Anaheim Ducks" came into existance. What a thrill!

Anyways, claim? Ooooh... purdy....

Paul Kariya in D3 ;)
Guy's Ducks Jersey & #00 in D2
Mickey's Dinner from D3
The Exec room from D3 (where Bombay came in and saved them from getting kicked out of school) That room is just too kewl!!!!
and Dwayne's horse from D3
Current Mood: happy

18th April 2005

steffe269:13am: First round of claims
Hey . . . I was wondering if Peter Mark wasn't claimed yet . . . if he isn't I'd like to claim him, along with Jesse Hall and a few other things.

-Peter's hat
-Peter's leather jacket

This quote:
Bombay: Now here's the long and the short of it: I hate hockey and I don't like kids.
Peter: What's this supposed to be a pep talk?
Bombay: I'm sure you'll find this to be a real BONDING experience, maybe one day one of you'll write a book about it in jail.

And this quote:
Bombay: Would you rather be District Five some stupid number?
Peter: Better than some stupid animal.

Alrighty, I think that's it.


Current Mood: accomplished

16th April 2005


Hey!!! Go join;


Current Mood: Bossy

8th April 2005

jk_rockin3:25am: Hey hey hey
Um, I'd like to claim a few things-

-Fulton's creepy stalkerliness in D1

-Fulton's scarf in D1

-Fulton's D1 warpaint (eee! socute!)

-Fulton and Portman's sunglasses from the scene in D2 where they're dancing in their dorm

-Portman's 'Fulton smile' that he has on when Fulton says 'Fulton Reed, *blahblah* Minnesota!'

-Fulton's righteous indignation at Portman not coming to Eden Hall in D3

-Fulton and Portman's greeting hug in the locker room in D3

-Fulton/Portman! Hah, I don't believe nobody has it!

Er, that's it for now.
Current Mood: excited

4th April 2005

dazed854:22pm: I <3 Fulton ..
Hi I am new here and so the claims I'd like are proberly taken, but I'll try my best anyway! [I guess I can't claim Fulton himself can I? hehe.

I'd like to claim:

1] Fulton's blue and white bandana.
2] His number 44?

- I bet there all taken, I'm always late :(

30th March 2005

annebloom1883:16pm: My Claims

Thought I'd introduce myself here. I'm new and it totally didn't cross my mind that there would actually be a Claims Community for The Mighty Ducks. I'm 21 and well,lets just say that Joshua Jackson still takes my breath away. Esp. when I saw Cursed recently. *Sigh*

Anyhow, thought I'd stake some claims. Here are my claims for the timebeing:-

1- (Character) Scooter in D3
2- (Character) Gunnar Stahl in D2 (Scott Whyte)
Current Mood: happy

28th March 2005

lithiumcupcake12:41am: Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

21st March 2005

funkymonkey_110:28am: my claims
hi, my name's allie and i'm new here:i hereby claim
1. Fulton Reed's shots
2. the pairing of Julie/Charlie
3. Tammy Duncan
4. the pairing of Scooter and Linda
5. the qoute: "whatever you say sunshine"

30th January 2005

shree722:43pm: I would like to claim:

- Adam's skill
- Adam's jersey
- Adam's 'wtf' expression
- The rivalry between the Varsity and JV teams
- The tape used on Adam's wrist

24th January 2005

lithiumcupcake8:41pm: Apparently, the journals of capduckca and precariously have been deleted. If you have the links to their new ones, can someone give me them?

And if not, that means their claims are up for grabs at the end of the week.
Current Mood: confused

3rd January 2005

ex_precariou2026:00pm: *crosses fingers*
As I have one claim left to make, I'm requesting the Cardinals team from D1! YES, THE WHOLE TEAM, DAMNIT! (I can do that, right? I hope so!)
Current Mood: hopeful

28th December 2004

littlekellylee12:50am: hi guys. i'm kelly. i'm new. i stumbled upon this glorious community after looking up various mighty ducks related interests. i'd have to say that by far d2 was my favorite movie out of the glorious trilogy. i have owned it on vhs since its release and santa was good enough to bring it to me on dvd this christmas, along with my very own ice skates so i can live out my duck dreams.

*ahem* on with the claiming.

i claim:

-the duckcall used to round up the ducks.

-"WU WU WU KENNY WU!" - The announcer in d2 during the second iceland game.

-the Air Bombay Loafers (for kids who want to coach)

-The distraction in a fire-in-a-barrel

and last but not least, the fireants used to pay back the varsity hockey team in d3.

there ya have it :)

12th December 2004

ex_precariou20210:20pm: Claims and a Request!
Upon reading the rules, I realized I could make five claims! Yay! Unfortunately, the love of my life - Guy Germaine - has already been claimed, so I decided to snag Peter Mark, Jesse Hall, and Dave Karp while they're still up for grabs. Is that chill? They would just make a *darling* addition to the Sorry Vanilla Booty speech I already have in my home display case.

This still leaves me with one claim left to make. I'm not yet sure what I'll use it for...I need to make it worth while, I know that much. Any suggestions? Anything that just *screams* Quimby that I'm not thinking of? Your input would be greatly appreciated!

the Q-unit
Current Mood: getting a cold...

11th December 2004

ex_precariou20212:24am: Give me this claim, or I'll use your sorry vanilla...eyeballs...as. Hockey pucks?
Okay, I give in. I want to make a Ducks claim. Hook me up with...Jesse Hall's "Sorry Vanilla Booty" speech from the original film. I would like to quote the speech in its entirety here, so that nobody can steal it from me. Evarrrrr. It shall be mine, oh, it shall be mine...

"Yo dude, you obviously in the wrong 'hood! This is my dominion. This is a drug-free zone, you unda'stand? We ain't buyin' nothing'. Now, I'm feelin' generous today, so I'm gonna let you get your *sorry* *vanilla* booty outta here, before we be usin' your eyeballs as hockey pucks!" -Jesse Hall, The Mighty Ducks.

It's a glorious thing.
And all mine. ;)

One love,
Current Mood: on an even keel

10th December 2004

charlie12:50pm: My Claims

I'm new, so may i please claim;

Guy Germaine


"i was this close!" - Guy Germaine, D2

thank you

9th December 2004

agentbristow3:30pm: Claims
I would like to claim:

~The Varsity Trio
~Rick's smirk
Current Mood: giggly

8th December 2004


Oh, and Amy? I claim:

I've really done it this time!!!

Current Mood: bouncy
ketene8:42pm: Oh, and I want "I love Pantera!"

Cause, I do. Love Pantera. LOL
Current Mood: crazy
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